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Edgartown Waterfont

Edgartown is an old whaling town that has reemerged as a charming village, characterized by elegant historic homes and churches. Main Street, Edgartown looks the way a Main Street in a small New England town should look: a one-way street barely two lanes wide with a few blocks of inns, shops and restaurants, a church or two and an old courthouse guarded by old growth elms.

The European settlement of Martha's Vineyard began in Edgartown during the late 1600s. The town boasts a rich history as a whaling and shipping hub. Just off Main Street, there are modest houses dating from the 18th century, whalers' mansions from the 19th century, and 21st century renovations or reconstructions and additions scattered throughout.

Beaches in Edgartown

Edgartown is a walking town with a compact village center, but the town itself is a total of 35 square miles. It contains miles of waterfront, either on the beaches, harbor or Edgartown Great Pond, with homes often tucked down dirt roads that feel especially "last century." Edgartown also contains a portion of the Island's state forest, with abundant walking, hiking and mountain bike riding paths. Nearby Katama Plains, a 190-acre site south of Edgartown, is one of the most significant ecosystems in Massachusetts; many of the plants there occur nowhere else on earth.

Also in Edgartown is the small island of Chappaquiddick, located off the eastern end of downtown and accessed by a small barge-like ferry.  Only three miles across, this small rural island offers solitude, privacy, and unparalleled beauty.

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Local Resources

Edgartown Transportation (Click For More)


Martha's Vineyard Transit Authority buses serve Edgartown, with stops both outside of town and just off Main Street, at the town information center, 29 Church Street. There is also a passenger ferry service – the Pied Piper – that connects Edgartown to nearby Falmouth on Cape Cod. It runs in the summer months, and docks at Memorial Wharf. Katama Airfield has a single runway mowed through the grasses and is only for small private propeller planes.

Edgartown Education (Click For More)


Edgartown has an elementary school with 300-plus students in grades pre-kindergarten through 8th grade. Students from Edgartown Elementary School usually go on to to the Martha's Vineyard Regional High School, located in Oak Bluffs. 


Edgartown Beaches (Click For More)


Bend-in-the-Road Beach - along Beach Road. Shallow water, small waves and clean sand, with lifeguards in clearly marked roped-off areas.

Lighthouse Beach - also known as Norton's Point), the harbor beach at Starbuck's Neck. Beautiful spot with calm water, although the harbor is very busy.

Chappy Point - reachable via the On Time Ferry. Not suitable for swimming.

East Beach - on Chappaquidick, managed by The Trustees of the Reservations. Fee.

Wasque Point - on Chappaquidick, another The Trustees of Reservations property. Great place to enjoy the ponds, ocean and Katama Bay. Some places have riptides. Fee.

South Beach - The long, popular south shore beach with fine surf.

Fuller Street Beach - At the end of Fuller Street near Lighthouse Beach 


Edgartown Lighthouses (Click For More)


Edgartown Lighthouse - North Water Street, Edgartown, built in 1828 


Edgartown Art Galleries (Click For More)


Carlin Gallery 3 South Water Street, 508-627-3073

Christina Gallery, Inc. 32 North Water Street, 508-627-8794

Edgartown Art Gallery 19 South Summer Street, 508-627-6227

Edgartown Scrimshaw Gallery, Inc. 43 Main Street, 508-627-9439

Eisenhauer Gallery 38 North Water Street, 508-627-7003

Gardner Colby Gallery 27 North Water Street, 508-627-6002

The Golden Door Gallery 18 North Summer Street, 508-627-7740

Hammond Harkins Galleries 31 North Summer Street, 508-627-9066

Stephen Huneck Gallery Dock Street, 508-627-4666

Kevin Butler Gallery 6 Dock Street, 508-627-3977

Leslie Smith Fine Art Gallery

Martha's Vineyard Art Association 58 Dock Street, 508-627-4881

Once in a Blue Moon 12 North Summer Street, 508-939-9027

Penumbra Photographs 33 North Summer Street, 508-627-9002

Willoughby's 12 North Water Street, 508-627-3369


Edgartown Museums (Click For More)


Martha's Vineyard Museum School Street, 508-627-4441

Martha's Vineyard Preservation Trust 99 Main Street, 508-627-4440


Edgartown Restaurants (Click For More)

Alchemy (Year Round) 71 Main Street 508-627-9999
Among the Flowers Café 17 Mayhew Lane 508-627-3233
Atlantic (Year Round) 2 Main Street 508-627-7001
Atria 38 North Water Street 508-627-1234
China House 234 Upper Main Street 508-627-7272
David Ryan's Restaurant (Year Round) 11 North Water Street 508-627-4100
Détente (Year Round) Nevin Square, Unit 3 508-627-8810
Dock Street Coffee Shop Dock Street 508-627-5232
Edgartown Deli Inc. 52 Main Street 508-627-4789
Edgartown Pizza Shoppe (Year Round) 224 Edgartown Road 508-627-7770
Espresso Love (Year Round) 17 Church Street 508-627-9211
The Fresh Pasta Shoppe 206 Upper Main Street 508-627-5528
The Grill on Main 227 Upper Main Street 508-627-8344
Henry's at the Harborview (Year Round) 131 North Water Street 508-627-7000
Il Tesoro at the Terrace 27 South Summer Street 508-627-3840
Lattanzi’s Restaurant & Pizzeria (Year Round) Old Post Office Square 508-627-8854
L’etoile(Year Round) 22 North Water Street 508-627-5187
Mac Phail’s Corner Café 18 Dock Street 508-939-3090
Main Street Diner 65 Main Street 508-627-9337
Newes from America (Year Round) 23 Kelley Street 508-627-4397
The Plane View 139 Airport Road 508-693-1886
Quarterdeck (Year Round) 29 Dock Street 508-627-5346
The Right Fork Diner 12 Mattakesett Way 508-627-5522
The Seafood Shanty 31 Dock Street 508-627-8622
Sharky’s Cantina (Year Round) 266 Upper Main Street 508-627-6565
Skinny’s Fat Sandwiches 7 North Water Street 508-627-6990
Square Rigger (Year Round) Upper Main Street 508-627-9968
Village Market Inc. 199 Upper Main Street 508-627-4661
Water Street at the Harborview (Year Round) 131 North Water Street 508-627-3761
The Wharf Pub & Restaurant (Year Round) Lower Main Street 508-627-9966


Edgartown Lodging (Click For More)

The Arbor Inn 222 Upper Main Street 508-627-8137

Ashley Inn 129 Main Street 508-627-9655

Charlotte Inn 27 South Summer Street 508-627-4751

Clarion Martha’s Vineyard 227 Upper Main Street 508-627-5161

Colonial Inn 38 North Water Street 508-627-4711

Edgartown Commons 20 Pease’s Point Way 508-627-4671

Edgartown Inn 56 North Water Street 508-627-4794

Edgartown Lodge 68 Winter Street 508-627-9444

The Fallon of Edgartown 22 North Water Street 508-939-9299

The Harborside Inn 1 South Water Street 508-627-4321

Harbor View Hotel 131 North Water Street 508-627-7000

The Hob Knob Inn 128 Main Street 508-627-9510

The Jonathan Munroe House 100 Main Street 508-627-5536

Kelley House 23 Kelly Street 508-627-7900

The Lightkeepers Inn 25 Simpsons Lane 508-627-4600

Shiverick Inn 5 Pease’s Point Way 508-627-3797

Summer House 96 South Summer Street 508-627-4857

The Sun Dial 54 Road to the Plains 508-627-3946

The Victorian Inn 24 South Water Street 508-627-4784

Winnetu Oceanside Resort 31 Dunes Road 508-627-4747