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Chappaquiddick Town Information

Chappaquiddick FerryChappaquiddick is a small island off the eastern end of Martha's Vineyard and is part of Edgartown…although you wouldn’t know it if you talk to the tight-knit group of residents. Chappaquiddick comes from an Indian word meaning "separated island" and many of the locals speak of “going to the mainland” (Edgartown) or “going to America (Cape Cod/Massachusetts).

The island boasts numerous wildlife preserves and pristine beaches. You can take a trip on the Chappaquiddick (locals call it Chappy) ferry to MyToi, a small Japanese-style garden set within an open pine forest or visit Three Ponds Preserve for a scenic picnic.

Chappaquiddick Transportation

A privately owned bargelike ferry called the On Time shuttles three cars at a time between Chappaquiddick and downtown Edgartown, on Martha's Vineyard. The ferry can also shuttle walk-on passengers as well as bicyclists. In the summer, two ferries run, while the off-season only has the need for one.

Chappaquiddick Beaches

Chappy Point - reachable via the On Time Ferry. Not suitable for swimming.

East Beach - on Chappaquiddick, managed by The Trustees of the Reservations. Fee.

Wasque Point - on Chappaquiddick, another The Trustees of Reservations property. Great place to enjoy the ponds, ocean and Katama Bay. Some places have riptides. Fee.

Chappaquiddick Lighthouses

Cape Poge Lighthouse - at the northwest tip of Chappaquiddick. Fun fact: the lighthouse can be seen in the last two shots of the film “Jaws.”

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