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West Tisbury Town Information

You can definitely get away from it all in West Tisbury; Martha's Vineyard's traditional farming community. All of the Vineyard takes its flora and fauna seriously, but never more so than in West Tisbury, where the trees that canopy the roads have a special protected status. The Island's leading conservation groups all have properties within the town boundaries where visitors can take easy, peaceful hikes of varying durations.

Field Gallery in West Tisbury Martha's Vineyard

The combination of community, farmland, ocean beaches (hidden from view down sometimes impassable dirt roads that feel a little like washboards to drive), and hundreds of sheep and cows have inspired artists for years. The area is home to the Long Point Wildlife Refuge, one of the largest publicly accessible properties on the Vineyard. 

West Tisbury is home to a number of Vineyard artists, and some of them have galleries – marked by roadside signs – in their homes. Watch for the big OPEN signs, usually hung under a piece of their work. 

At 33.6 square miles, West Tisbury is the second largest town of the six on the Vineyard and has a population of 1700. But West Tisbury residents like their space: there are only sixty-eight of them per square mile. 

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