Buying a Home on Martha's Vineyard

Ready to buy? Here are a few resources to help you throughout the process. Click on the links below to view our resources for home buyers: Banks and Mortgage Companies Mold Lead Paint Flood [...]

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Martha’s Vineyard Banks & Mortgage Companies

Below is a list of local banks and mortgage companies. Click to learn more about each and, if you have questions, contact us for more information. Cape Cod 5 508.693.4815 • Edgartown [...]

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Flood Insurance

Follow this link to view a recent article published by the Martha's Vineyard Times regarding flood insurance: "Homeowners advised to invest in elevation certificates"

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Property Tax Rates

2019 Residential Property Tax Rates for Martha's Vineyard Property tax on Martha's Vineyard varies by town. Below are the latest residential property tax rates for 2019. If would like more information [...]

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Lead Paint

Property Transfer Lead Paint Notification, Property Transfer Certification Form Under Massachusetts and federal law, owners and real estate agents must comply with Property Transfer Lead Paint Notification [...]

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This fact sheet provides information regarding health concerns related to mold exposure. It also provides general guidelines about mold detection, cleanup, and removal of mold contaminated materials. If [...]

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Home Inspections

When buying a house, the home inspection is an important part of the process. It's kind of like taking a peek under the hood of a used car before buying it; you want to ensure that everything is in [...]

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Agency Disclosure

Types of Agency Representation:  Seller's Agent: A seller can engage the services of a real estate agent to sell his property (called the listing agent) and the real estate agent is then [...]

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